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Ficus Bonsai | Moyogi Style (S-shaped)

Ficus Bonsai | Moyogi Style (S-shaped)

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As one of the most popular types of indoor bonsai, Ficus is very strong and easy to care for. This wonderful indoor bonsai will bring positive energy to your room. Caring for a bonsai can also be a hobby which restores balance to your daily life.

Ficus is beginner friendly, and with the right type of care, they can thrive and grow. Beautifully shaped tree trunk, along with the rock scene on the side, make the ficus bonsai a wonderful companion for your room or office. 

Height: approximately 40 cm.

 Pot size: approximately 19*13 cm (L); 14*10cm (M).

This Specific bonsai is in Moyogi Style, or the informal upright style (S-shaped).



Sunlight: Strong Indirect sunlight, and preferably more than 6 hours of sunlight. Avoid sunlight that is too bright (tips: if you have a window facing the south with bright & direct sunlight, place the plant a little away from the window, or use a transparent curtain to partially block the light).


Water: water frequently (especially in the summer) and not let the soil be dried out. Around 2 times a week, but can be more or less frequent depending on humidity levels and amount of light received. Watering the plant less frequently in the winter.

The best practice is to use your finger to feel the soil, it should not be overly soggy or overly dry. It should be slightly moist with the top layer of soil only a bit dry.


Fertilizer: add a bit of bonsai plant food during growing seasons every few weeks will be appreciated by your bonsai. No plant food is necessary in the winter.


Note: every bonsai is unique. Therefore the bonsai you receive can look slightly different from the pictures. 

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