Team Building Terrarium Workshop

Avalon Terrarium Workshops: Where Team Building Meets Green Creativity!

Looking to shake up your team-building routine? Avalon's Terrarium Workshops offer a refreshing blend of creativity and a touch of nature.

Why Terrarium Workshops?

  • No Green Thumb Required: Terrarium building is for everyone, regardless of their gardening skills. Simply dive in and enjoy the process—no prior experience needed.

  • Build Bonds Naturally: Constructing terrariums is not just about plants; it's about building connections. Watch your team grow closer as you create mini ecosystems together.

  • Low Maintenance After: Unlike regular gardens, terrariums need almost no post-workshop care. Once done, they become easy-to-maintain office decor or desk companions.

  • Focus on Team Dynamics: Led by Avalon's owner, our workshops go beyond plants. With a background in organizational psychology, we infuse a touch of teamwork philosophy into the terrarium-making process.


Choose Your Setting: Our Shop or Yours

  • Avalon Shop Locations (Up to 24 People - Amsterdam): Enjoy the cozy atmosphere of our Avalon shops. Ideal for smaller teams, with workshops accommodating up to 24 participants.

  • Your Office Space (Larger Groups Welcome): Prefer the comfort of your office? We'll bring the terrarium experience to you, adapting to groups of various sizes.


How to Book Your Terrarium Workshop

Ready to give your team a unique experience? Booking your Avalon Terrarium Workshop is simple:

  1. Get in Touch: Reach out via the contact from below, email or phone to discuss workshop preferences, team size, and location.
  2. Customized Experience: We'll work with you to tailor the workshop to your team's dynamics and goals.
  3. Enjoy the Experience: Whether at our shop or your office, let the creativity flow, and watch your team thrive.

Alternatively, a faster way to order the workshop will be directly purchase on our webpage here. Leave a note of your preferred time and date at check out. Also let us know if you would like to have the workshop in our location, or in your office.

At Avalon, we believe team building should be enjoyable and effective. Join us for a Terrarium Workshop that blends fun, learning, and a touch of nature. 



- What kind of terrarium do I get: The standard terrariums we use are around 25-27 cm in height and 19 cm in diameter.  However, we might have use a terrarium that is slightly larger or smaller based on availability. The terrarium fit about 3-4 tropical plants, and the participants can choose their own plants to put in. 

 - How long is the workshop: depends on the size of the groups. For a smaller group it will last for about 1,5 hours. For a large group it will last for about two hours.

How to the terrarium home:  We will provide paper bags, but it will also be great if the participants can bring an extra fabric bag for protection.

Can I add or cancel participants: You can easily add or subtract the number of participants before the workshop, preferably 48 hours prior to the event. We can provide a refund or issue a new invoice for the new participants.   

 Our contact information:

Email: /

Phone or Whatsapp: +31 84669219

Store location: Amsterdam - Haarlemmerdijk 26;  Leiden - Haarlemmerstraat 190


Or directly fill out the contact form here:

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