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Anthurium Silver Blush

Anthurium Silver Blush

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A Rare plants with shiny leaves, anthurium silver blush will brighten up your collection of special plants!


The veins are silver colored and extra striking. The heart-shaped leaves are dark green and can grow very large under the right growing conditions. The beautiful leaves of the Anthurium Silver Blush are also soft like velvet!

Anthuriums are native to South America. These plants grow on the ground in tropical regions, but can sometimes also climb a tree. The leaves can grow up to 30 centimeters in nature.


Tips for plant care:

☀️ Sunlight : bright but indirect sunlight

💦 Water : water about once a week.

Wait until the top layer of the soil becomes slightly dry before wateirng again.


🪴 Pot diameter - 5cm; height - approximately 15 cm

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