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Calathea "Fusion White"

Calathea "Fusion White"

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Unique and rare plant - Calathea “White Fusion”

In their native habitats, Calathea species are also known for their striking inflorescences. When grown as houseplants, however, it is all about the foliage as they rarely flower indoors.

The Calathea 'White Fusion' cultivar, with its variegated shades of white, green and lilac, is no exception. The top side of its leaves features contrasting white markings alongside the green, and the underside has a pretty light purple-pinkish hue that also runs down the stems.

Pot diameter: approximately 12 cm.  Height: approximately 30 -40 cm.



Indirect sunlight / Filtered bright light is what is needed. Too much light can result in the markings fading and leaf curling, and too shady a position and the markings won't develop properly in the first place.

Avoid placing the plant in a window that faces the south with intense direct sunlight. East, West, or North facing windows usually work better. Or you can diffuse bright light using a sheer curtain.



The Calathea 'White Fusion' prefers to be kept consistently moist, but soggy and waterlogged conditions are a recipe for disaster. These plants like high humidity, but overly wet soils can lead to root rot and bacterial and fungal issues. Ensuring the pot the plant is in has good drainage holes is also vital.

Water: as a tropical place, the Calathea 'White Fusion likes to have its soil relatively moist. However, soggy and waterlogged conditions will also be damaging. Once the top inch of soil is dry, this is usually a good indicator that your plant will appreciate some more water. Crisping leaves can be a sign your plant is overly dry.

Many enthusiasts chose to use rainwater or a distilled variety for their Calathea, but room temperature tap water is fine too. It's best, though, to leave it overnight before using it to reduce the potential for fluoride toxicity.

Temperature and Humidity

Tropical species like Calathea like a decent amount of humidity in their environment. Although they like warmer temperatures, excessive heat isn't appreciated.



Your Calathea 'White Fusion' will appreciate a monthly application of liquid fertilizer during the growth period. Chose one that is designed for houseplants with dense foliage as this will be more nitrogen-rich. A weak dose will be all that is required, and feeding won't be needed through the winter.




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