Personalized Plant & Interior Service

- Do you want to fill your restaurant with greenery and happy customers?

- Do you want to make your office space lively with plants?

- Did you just move into a new home and wish that more plants can fill the emptiness?

Simply tell us you budget and we will do all the work for you! We will visit your location and figure out the best plants to fit your interior and your needs. Whether you are looking for plants with easy care, or special plants to impress your visitors, we get you covered!

Our service is free :) You will only pay for the plants.

Here are three simple steps:

Step 1: Contact Us Directly

You can choose to: 1. Email us: 2. Visit our store directly: Singel 281, Amsterdam (near Dam square) 3. Call: +31 6 51664502

Tell us: 1. Your budget estimation 2. Type of space (business, office, or home) 

Step 2: Site Visit

We will visit your location and discuss with you about your preferences. We will give some personalized suggestions basked on the amount of sunlight in your place, your interior style, and your plant preferences. Personalized plant pots will also be included.

*Also possible to perform remotely if you do not want an in person site visit.

*Besides plants, we can also provide interior decorative objects within your budget.

Step 3: Receive Your Plants & Get a FREE Revision

We will deliver your plants directly to you location and place them in the suitable spots (picking up the plants in our shop is also possible).
Along with the plants you will receive a detailed price list of each plant. If you are not satisfied with either the plant or the price, we will exchange the plants for you within your budget.

If you are satisfied with the plants, you will then receive a detailed guide on plant care.


Pay only after you are satisfied with the plants. If you have changed your mind at any point, we will simply take the plants away and you will not be charged.


*This service is only available to regions near Amsterdam, within 50 km.