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Aglaonema Red Zirkon

Aglaonema Red Zirkon

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Beautiful bright red foliage with slight edging of green variegation around the leaves, Aglaonema Red Zirkon is an easy care houseplant that can give a special touch to your room. 


Aglaonema Care Tips:

Light: Suitable for relatively low light conditions. Try to give the plant more light to help their colours stay vibrant, but not in direct sun which can burn the foliage.

Water: Allow top layer of soil to dry out between watering, constantly oversaturated soil may lead to root rot. Water the plant about twice a week (depending on the season and the weather).

Nutrition: feed with plant food monthly in spring and summer

Humidity: Brown leaf tips would indicate that misting is needed


Dimensions: Small -  Pot diameter: 6 cm; Height: 15 cm.

Large - Pot diameter: 12 cm; Height 25 cm.


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