Terrarium Workshop (Amsterdam) | 4-30 People

Terrarium Workshop (Amsterdam) | 4-30 People

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Great activity to join together with your colleagues, friends, or family! No prior knowledge about plant required. 

Click "Add to Cart" on this webpage to book. The price is per person, and please book the number of participants you have.
ūüďćLocation: Avalon (Amsterdam - Haarlemmerdijk 26).

‚ŹĪLeave a note at checkout for the date & time of your choice (morning /¬†evening of any particular day).

Our Amsterdam workshop is usually in English, but Dutch will be possible as well! 

The price includes everything you need (plus coffee & tea):  the terrarium glass, soil, moss, etc. plus a selection of around 3 terrarium plants of your choice.

Important factors before you book: 
- The price is per person, and you can choose the number of participants. You can also book more people later on. 

- Min & Max number: workshops are for groups between 4-30 people. The minimum number of participants required to book the event is 4 people. The maximum number of participants is 30 people for this terrarium workshop (if you have slightly less or more people, please contact us vis email or phone before purchase) 

- Book ahead: We really appreciate it if you can schedule the workshop as early as possible (you can always change the date or cancel later on). That way we will have enough time to prepare all the materials.
Please book at least 3-5 days ahead of the day that you want to have the workshop, so that we will have enough time to arrange all the materials and create our schedule. 

If you want to make a last minute booking, please contact us first before ordering. 

- When can I have my workshop: any morning or evening of your choice! It is possible to start in the mornings from 9/10 am, or in the evenings starting after 7:00 pm.  

- What kind of terrarium do I get: we use medium terrariums similar to the size of the one shown in the photo, which can fit about 3-4 plants. But the specific shape of the terrarium might different depends on availability. 

How to book: click add to cart above, and directly check out the product. Leave a note of the date and time you want to have the workshop. You will then receive a comfirmation email. 



- How long is the workshop: depends on the size of the groups. For a smaller group it will last for 1,5 hours. For a large group it will last for about two hours.

- How do I bring the terrarium home: we have plenty wrapping materials including bubble wrap & special cardboard. We will provide bags, and boxes are also possible upon request. 

- Can I reschedule / Cancel: You can easily reschedule or cancel by calling or emailing us! You can reschedule or get a full refund if you cancel 48 hours ahead. For last minute cancelation, you can reschedule instead of getting a refund.